The Portal of Historical Ciphers is an online portal consisting of several web pages and tools. Some of them are logically divided into modules. Each module represents a specific topic related to historical cryptology.

Nomenclator module (under development) consist of online tools designed to create, use, and share nomenclator cipher keys. This module also contains an online database of digitized cipher keys with a public API.

Education module (under development) contains a demonstration of some classical ciphers and their respective cryptanalytic techniques. Each technique is accompanied by a visualization.

Virtual museum of historical ciphers is built on a virtual reality framework supported by modern web browsers. The goal is to promote public interest in ciphers using modern technologies.

The portal features a special Database of cryptograms, containing a collection of cryptograms.

ManuLab (ManuLab Qt, Manulab API, ManuLab Online) is a software product for statistical analysis.

For more information read the articles published in the Proceedings of the 3rd and 4th International Conference on Historical Cryptology (documentation section).

Site and modules design

The first version of the portal was developed from 2016. The content of the portal was gradually expanded. When designing new components, we focused exclusively on online accessible applications.

Designs of some parts of the HCPortal are also available: ManuLab Online, Nomenclator.

The UI of the HCPortal was redesigned in 2022. The first logo of the portal was also replaced. [ This logo contains some hidden content ;) ] The new logo was designed by Eugen Antal and created by Pavol Marák. New icons were designed and created by Pavol Marák.


We support free access to information. Our database of cryptograms and database cipher keys are accessible with public API. For more information read the online documentation: cryptograms API, cipher keys API.

ManuLab API is a general framework independent from the operating systems accessible via PHP scripts. The public API documentation is available here, with an example implementation.



Nomenclator module: CipherCreator [online].
Nomenclator module: Database of keys with a public API [online].
Nomenclator module: add cipher keys from German archives to the database of keys [online].
Database of cryptograms: add new WW2/post war cryptograms from Slovak and Czech archives [online].
ManuLab online: new front-end (image/text pair support) [online].


Virtual museum: dynamic and permanent exhibitions [online].
Education module: word patterns and dictionary attacks [online].
Database of Cryptograms and database of Cipher keys: statistics [online].
Nomenclator module: add cipher keys to the database from Slovak and Czech archives [online].
Database of cryptograms: add cryptograms (nomenclators) from Slovak archives [online].


Cipher text detection in archival documents and key transcription (HTR) tool [offline].
Nomenclator module: auto-decryptor [online].
Database of cryptograms: add cryptograms from the Biafran War (Nigerian Civil War) [online].
Education module: automatic cryptanalysis of transposition ciphers [online].
Virtual museum: a special permanent exhibition of cipher machines [online].