Main project coordinator

Eugen Antal, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava ORCID iD iconORCID, Google Scholar, Researchgate


Pavol Marák, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

Related student works from the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

  1. M. Eliáš et al.: ManuLab Qt application. (Team project, 2015/2016)
  2. T. Sovič et al.: HCPortal 1.0. (Team project, 2016/2017)
  3. E. Grech et al.: HCPortal 2.0, Database of Cryptograms - Angular version. (Team project, 2017/2018)
  4. M. Firča: Manulab Online API functionality - vowel identification methods. (Bachelor thesis, 2018/2019)
  5. F. Franko: HCPortal Education Module - Cryptanalysis. (Diploma thesis, 2019/2020)
  6. M. Čirip: HCPortal Nomenclator Module - CipherCreator. (Diploma thesis, 2019-2021)
  7. T. Gono: HCPortal Nomenclator Module - database of cipher keys and key structure analyser. (Diploma thesis, 2020-2021)
  8. F. Wagner: Manulab Online - Angular application. (Diploma thesis, 2021-2022)
  9. A. Mucska et al.: HCPortal Nomenclator Module Database of Cipher Keys - content and user management (Team project, 2021/2022)
  10. J. Lapčák et al.: HCPortal Database of Cryptograms - content and user management update (Team project, 2021/2022)